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What determines the price of real estate in Turkey

What constitutes the price of real estate in Turkey? This question is very relevant for foreign buyers: citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Having understood the pricing mechanism, you can navigate through a large number of offers and find the most profitable real estate option.


Pricing Turkish Apartments

The main factors affecting the cost:

  • Location. First of all, it is a region and a city. Russians are accustomed to the situation when housing in the capital is more expensive, the further from it - the cheaper. In Turkey, remoteness from the capital does not always mean low prices. There are many resort towns by the sea, where luxury apartments and villas are sold. Inexpensive housing is located in areas remote from the coast. As for the location in the city, the price is influenced by the prestige of the area, infrastructure and transport accessibility. Apartments located near a park or entertainment center are more expensive. Conversely, the presence of hazardous industries or an airport nearby lowers the price. In 2018, the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant began in Mersin province. While the nuclear power plant is not yet completed, it can be assumed that the presence of such a facility will affect prices in the region. Mersin is a coastal province with a developed infrastructure. Probably, due to the construction of the station, the price of apartments here will decrease. On the other hand, NPPs mean new jobs and industrial development, a flow of workers and foreigners who also need housing. Perhaps the demand for apartments will grow, which means that the price will rise.
  • Year of construction of the house and class of housing. There are many modern residential complexes in Turkey. In some cities, the old fund has survived only in the historic center. One of the reasons for this construction boom is the dangerous seismological situation. Due to the danger, the authorities are taking measures for urgent reconstruction and demolition of old houses. In their place, new earthquake-resistant complexes are being built.Provision is made for the purchase of housing under construction. At the very start, you can buy an apartment at the lowest possible price - two times lower than after the completion of the object.
  • The material from which the house is built. In general, brick houses are more expensive than panel houses. New residential complexes are being built from materials of European quality, which affects the cost. In addition, apartments in Turkey are often sold with built-in appliances and furniture. The better the apartment is "equipped", the higher the price.
  • Area and layout. In Turkey, they like large areas and do not recognize studio apartments. Since 2017, the construction of studios has been prohibited. And those that already exist are considered tourist accommodation, since they are mainly bought by foreigners. Apartments with a large area and a good layout are more expensive.
  • Floor of the apartment. The first floor in Turkey is considered the entrance "zero". The cheapest and smallest apartments are located here. There are also basement apartments on the market. On such floors, there may be problems with security, dampness, mold, noise from the street. Therefore, the price is much lower. At the same time, Turkish developers are trying to compensate for the shortcomings of such housing. For example, apartments on the first floor have a terrace. But apartments on the top floor are expensive: in Turkey, the rule “the higher, the more expensive” works. The dwellings on the top floor have a large area. Often these are duplexes - apartments on two floors.
  • The presence of a balcony. In Turkey, a balcony is not a place to store junk. Dinners and tea parties are organized on huge loggias, and in general, in a hot climate, one cannot do without a balcony. Housing without it is the cheapest option. These are usually small studios on the ground floor.

Features in property pricing in Turkey

Turkish real estate is generally more affordable than European and Russian ones. In resort cities, prices are steadily growing, but they are still lower than in Moscow. The most expensive real estate in Turkey is concentrated in Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and Kemer. The pricing of apartments in Turkey depends on the same factors as in the rest of the world: number of storeys, area, location, etc.


The main feature of the Turkish real estate market is diversity. Here you can find accommodation for every taste and budget. Developers offer many solid and original layouts. At the same time, the buyer's goal plays a decisive role in the selection of real estate. If you plan to live in a purchased apartment, then some factors come to the fore, if you want to buy and rent out - others. And what in one case is an advantage, in another case becomes a disadvantage.

Apartments in Turkey at a bargain price

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